Future of St Pauls Learning Centre

Below is a press release from Bristol City Council about the

St Pauls Learning and Family Centre:

Bristol City Council is keen to support the St Paul’s Learning and Family
Centre to be an active and thriving facility for the community of St Pauls.
In recent months residents have noticed the centre has quietened down
and some services seem to have decreased. This is in part due to partner
organisations changing their services across the city but it’s also
about changing needs in the local community.

Ashley ward Councillor Jon Rogers said, “Residents and local organisations
are well placed to explore how St Pauls Learning Centre can better
meet the changing needs of our community. A great opportunity!”

It is essential that we establish a sustainable model for the centre into
the future. So,over the coming months there will be different opportunities for residents, people who use the building and people who see potential to
share ideas and help us rebuild this important resource in the heart of
St Pauls.

Ashley Ward Councillor Gus Hoyt said; “The Learning Centre is a vital
resource for the community and an excellent and affordable facility. We
must do all we can to encourage groups and individuals to use it.”

Bristol City Council is committed to making sure this centre remains
open and available for use and we would greatly value your thoughts and ideas. Over the next few months we will advertise opportunities for people to get involved, but in the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns please contact Diane Dodd by phone 9039932
or email spu@bristol.gov.uk.

Find out exactly what is happening here

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