Expressions of Interest now invited

April 15, 2014

Learning Centre 001


Following our recent consultation on the St Pauls Learning and Family Centre, the council is looking at ways the St Pauls Learning and Family Centre can be managed differently in the future.

Bristol City Council are exploring the possibility of Community Asset Transfer and have published a detailed Brief for how the Centre can be managed by a community-based organisation or social enterprise.  This brief has been influenced by the results of the community consultation run by SPU.

Details of the results of the community survey can be veiwed here – St Pauls Learning Family Centre

The Brief and all accompanying documents may be downloaded from –

Expressions of interest need to be received by 9th May.

We believe the Centre has great potential to serve the community better and in a more cost-effective way.  If your organisation is interested in being part of the new tenant or management body that will take over the running of the Centre, please read the Brief and consider how you might be able to work in partnership with others.

In order to facilitate contact between interested parties, the council will share contact details with organisations or groups interested in developing a joint or consortium proposal, on request and in exchange for their contact details.

Please help us spread the news by forwarding this email to colleagues or other organisations that may be interested in the future of the Centre.

Consultation now Closed

April 7, 2014

A big thanks to everyone who took part in our recent consultation to find out what people want to see at the St Pauls Learning and Family Centre.

A fantastic 498 responses were received before the end of the consultation and the results are being analysed now.

The results will help inform the Community Asset Transfer of the building and will be published soon.

Check back here to find out more in the next few weeks.

Tell us what you think about St Pauls Learning and Family Centre

March 13, 2014


As promised, your chance to tell us what services you would like to see at the Learning Centre and your views on the future management of the building is here!

Please fill in our survey online here;

We are also going to be knocking on doors in the St Pauls area and holding drop in sessions at the centre on the following dates;

Saturday 15th March from 10.30 – 12.30
Tuesday 18th March from 2.00 – 4.00
Monday 24th March from 5.00 – 7.00

Once collected your views will inform the Community Asset Transfer process being introduced by the City Council, but we haven’t got long! We need to complete the survey by March 31st so please fill it in as soon as possible – your opinion is important to this process.

St Pauls Learning and Family Centre Update

March 5, 2014

Learning Centre 001

I apologise that there has been such a long gap in our communications regarding this subject but we were awaiting an agreement from Bristol City Council on how to progress things. This has now been secured and so I am now able to update people on what role SPU will be taking in this process.

Following the Mayor’s visit to the centre in December 2013, we have been negotiating with the council regarding carrying out a consultation. Things moved quite quickly but no decision was reached until this week. This is why no updates or meetings have happened regarding this situation – we had no information to give you!

As you may be aware, the Mayor’s revised budget reinstated the subsidy for the Learning Centre for the coming financial year only – 2014/15. This is to ensure that a Community Asset Transfer process can take place, enabling an organisation, other than the local authority to run the building.

If there is an organisation that wants to take on the management of the building, the city council wants to make sure that they know what the local community wants the centre to be and do in the future.

In order to achieve this SPU have been asked to carry out a consultation to find out what people think about the centre and what it should be used for.

The consultation will include;
• A leaflet delivered to all households in St Pauls, giving information about the current situation
• A door to door survey
• An online survey
• Drop in events held at the centre
• Focus groups for communities of interest who may be missed during the survey – to ensure we reach all sections of the community

This will all start at an event on Thursday 13th March, 5-6 pm at The Learning and Family Centre.

At this meeting you will be able to find out more about Community Asset Transfer (CAT), how to get involved in the consultation, and information about an opportunity to join an advisory group. The advisory group will help to organise consultation events, will review and inform the results of the consultation and will assist the City Council in the CAT process by being part of the awarding panel.

In order to ensure a transparent process we welcome residents, who don’t have a direct link with any organisation who may be interested in running the building to volunteer to join the group – if you are interested please get in touch with us.

To clarify, the consultation is the only part of the process that SPU will be actively involved in. The SPU Coordinating Body are NOT interested in managing the centre in any way. We are keen to ensure that people have the opportunity to influence the CAT process though, which is why we have agreed to run this consultation.

Further updates on consultation stages will be sent out in the near future.

Final Chance to apply for this year’s Community First Fund!

February 26, 2014

There is a final chance to apply for Ashley’s Community First fund for this finacnial year.

The deadline is 9 am on Monday 17th March 2014.

Please use the links below to download the guidelines and application form which should be returned to

Ashley CF application


Applications should be received by 9 a.m. on Monday 17th March 2014.

Best of Luck!

The Ashley Community First Fund is interested in applications from groups who can contribute to the following priorities:

Priority 1: Events/activities, which bring together people from different cultural and all other backgrounds who would not normally come together

Priority 2: Sharing skills and knowledge – projects, visits, and skill swaps. Activities which help people share skills and or/knowledge particularly between groups who would not otherwise come together

Priority 3: Activities that improve our built environment – such as refurbishment of buildings, pavements, public places and green spaces, and tackling litter, graffiti tagging, fly-posting etc

St Pauls Learning Centre Update

January 17, 2014

learning centre

On Wednesday 15th January Mayor George Ferguson released his revised budget proposals. The revisions include a reprieve for the removal of the subsidy for St Pauls Learning Centre.

This is fantastic news for the community who came out in force to show their support for the centre when the Mayor visited at the end of December.

The City Council’s aim is still to see the centre being run by an independent organisation with greater ownership from the community.

And so we at St Pauls Unlimited will be holding a wide consultation to start in the next couple of weeks. We want to know “what do you think the St Pauls Learning Centre is for”?

The results of the consultation will be fed into the council and will be used to help design a process which will see the management of the building handed over to an independent organisation who will work in partnership with residents to ensure the building is ‘owned’ by the community.

If you want to get your views heard please look out for our consultation – we will publicise it widely, keep a look out for information.

If you want to know more or want to get more involved in supporting the process please contact us at the SPU office at ST Agnes Lodge – drop in, call us on 0117 9039934, email or leave a comment here.


SPU Planning Task Group

January 6, 2014

Our next meeting is taking place on Wednesday 8th January 2014 starts at 6pm and will be finished around 7pm, at St Agnes Lodge.

The agenda is as follows:
1. Review Planning Application:
Application No. 13/00520/F
City Road Bristol BS2 8TN

Application No. 13/05714/COU
County House 1-3 Surrey Street Bristol BS2 8PS

Application No. 13/05743/X
Car Park on South East Side of Wilder Street Bristol

Land adjacent to 12 Argyle.

2. Pre-Planning Applications:
Dove Lane Development

7 Ashley Road
Do we comment or not?

If your interested in planning for St Pauls, come along.
Look forward to seeing you there.


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